Large Aircrafts Wheel Chock with Rope

Rubber Wheel Chock [12Kg Weight] (2)

1.Aircrafts Wheel Chock is Straight-sided wedge shape reduces the risk of unwanted movement of parked trucks and warehouse equipment.
2.Molded natural rubber construction weighs 8 pounds, and is a durable & economic option for preventing movement of parked vehicles.
3.Treads on the chocks surface grip the wheel to prevent slippage.
4.Attached eye hook accepts a rope or chain to secure the chock on an area.

Model Primary Application Width Height Depth Weight Wheel Chock Surface Tread Wheel Chock Style Max. Vehicle Weight Color Includes Wheel Chock Base Tread
TH-RWC-34 Aircrafts 10″ 4-1/2″ 5″ 12KG Grooved Double with Rope or Chain Not Rated Black 36″ Rope Grooved