T-Top Delineator Post

T-Top Delineator Post 2

Delineator Post designed for maximum visibility, quick setup and low maintenance, these delineator posts feature a ‘flare-bottom’ design with one-inch wide right angle flare to insure positive locking of post and base. Delineator bases are made from high quality rubber. Tested and certified to meet the crash worthy requirements of NCHRP-350.

Standard with molded lower handhold grip;
Convenient T-top carry handle and molded in bolt hole for flashing light;
Improved recesses create a deeper area for reflective bands;
Stronger ribs provide maximum band protection.
Low density polyethylene post, hexagon recycled solid rubber base, tough, sturdy and stability, control crowds and direct traffic around dangerous area, constructions sites, sporting events, and more;
With 25cm/2x10cm reflective collar increases visibility;
Mark hazardous areas to prevent accidents and set up safe traffic lanes;
Two pieces design, base and post by slip over, is simple and convenient.

Model Delineator Height Delineator Dia. Delineator Material Weight Top Style
TH-GC-Post-1 45” 4″ HDPE+Elastomer 1.5 lb. T-Top